12+ Fruits & Veggies to Grow Indoors this Winter

The Best Fruits and Veggies for your Indoor Garden this Winter!

Got a green thumb? Love gardening but don’t have enough space to make it work for you? Why not try your hands at an indoor garden? There are several ways you can make it work for you. This winter, give it a go and start growing any of these 12 fruits and veggies! Read on..


Yep, you read that right! Dwarf varieties of avocados can be grown inside. However, you need to take really good care of it, and water it regularly, but make sure not to overwater it or make it soggy.


Carrots are great veggies to grow during the cold winters. They’re not just easy to take care of, but also make for the perfect thing to add to all your winter food preps since they’re so versatile and easy to cook. 


Just like avocados, dwarf lemon trees are another great winter plant to consider growing. This too, requires some special attention, but if you’re someone who has a green thumb or are really into gardening, you can definitely try this one! Here’s a cool indoor planter you can use! 


Peppers are another fun plant to grow during winter. They are low maintenance and also add some powerful kick and flavor to most food preparations. If you’re a first time gardener, this one’s the perfect plant to get started with.


Growing beet indoors this year is the way to go! While it isn’t a favorite vegetable for most people, it is another excellent root veggie that you can grow with little effort right in your home this winter.


If you’re into frugal living, you gotta give this one a try! Growing tomatoes will save you a lot of money if you grow them during winter. Just make sure you have a pot that’s big enough for them, and enough light exposure. We absolutely love this self-watering planter that takes the time and effort off of your gardening! 


One of the best things about growing spinach is that you can harvest it super quick. Depending on the size of the leaves that you need, you can just pluck them off the pot whenever you need and you’ll have the freshest produce right within an arm’s length.


Onions make for another great choice of a plant to grow during the winter. Depending upon the available space and your personal requirements, you can choose to grow green, red or white onions.


This one’s an excellent herb to grow in the winters. Growing it indoors also gives you access to it pretty much all throughout the year, and while it does need a bit of special attention, it isn’t really that hard to take care of. Get them started with some herb plants as well and you’re good to go! Here’s an excellent herb planter starter kit you can get your hands on!


If you’re not sure about anything else, grow an eggplant this winter! Yes, you’ll need a large pot, but apart from that, you’re pretty much sorted and this can be one of the most straight-forward plants that are super easy to take care of!


Radishes work great as indoor plants, especially during winters. They don’t really take up a lot of space, and you just need to take a little care of them for a nice, full harvest. Add ‘em to your soups, stews and almost all other food preparations.

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12+ Fruits & Veggies to Grow Indoors this Winter

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