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Indoor GardeningCan You Put Succulents in Just Rocks + More FAQs

Can You Put Succulents in Just Rocks + More FAQs

Super easy to grow and really tough to kill, succulents are the best plants to start growing, especially if you’re a newbie gardener. If you’re confused and wondering- can you put succulents in just rocks, or if you should have a balance of soil and rocks, here’s a bit of help your way.

Read on to get a quick overview of everything you need to know about growing succulents in rocks, and doing it the right way.  

Can You Put Succulents in Just Rocks?

Simply put, yes you can. Succulents are camels of the plant world, and can thrive even in the toughest of conditions, and can do well when planted in rocks. 

Rocks actually offer a great environment for the succulents, which don’t need a lot of water in the first place. 

Rocks are larger in size as opposed to soil, which helps promote drainage and also offers unobstructed sunshine. 

Can Succulents Survive Without Soil?

While succulents can do well in rocks, they do need a little bit of soil to survive. They aren’t epiphytes like orchids are, and need just a small amount of soil or potting mix to cover their roots well. 

Since succulents don’t need a lot of organic matter and nutrients too, you might want to do a quick check before choosing the soil or potting mix you’re using. 

growing succulents in rocks

Tips to Grow Succulents in Rocks

If you’re planning to plant your succulents in rocks, there are a few tips you might want to keep in mind to ensure you do it the right way. 

  • If you’re planning to grow succulents in small or medium sized rocks, you might want to stick to choosing succulents that remain small in size, even during maturity. 
  • It is a good idea to choose rocks with crevices if you’re more inclined towards growing larger succulents. These crevices can then be filled up with some soil too. Limestone, shale and sandstone are good choices. 
  • You’ll need just a small amount of soil to ensure your succulent is happy in the entire set up- just enough to cover the roots and offer some nutrients. 
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Do Succulents Do Better in Soil or Rocks?

It might be tough to believe, but succulents actually do better in rocks than in soil or potting mix. This is because they are much low maintenance than most other plants, and actually require less of nutrients and water to really stay fresh and happy. 

Most soil and potting mixes tend to hold in more moisture than needed, and are also rich in nutrients- both of which are a big no-no for succulents. 

Rocks, on the other hand, don’t release nutrients as quickly, and when teamed up with just a little soil, provide the perfect environment for succulents to grow.,

Should You Put Rocks at the Bottom of Succulents?

If you’re more concerned about growing succulents on rocks for aesthetic appeal, using potting mix or soil at the bottom, could be a great idea. You could then cover the remaining space with rocks, and ensure that the succulent has everything it needs to grow happily. 

If you’re growing succulents in a terrarium, having soil on the bottom layer might not look appealing. That’s when you can consider putting rocks at the bottom. 

growing succulents in terrarium

Setting Up a Succulent in a Glass Container or Terrarium 

If you’re planning to set up a succulent in a terrarium or a glass container, you might need to take note of a few things. 

You can start off by adding coarse rocks to the bottom of the container or terrarium, placing a bit of soil in the central portion, and then topping it with your succulent.  

You can also cover the sides of the succulent with the same coarse rocks at the bottom.

Some glass containers tend to have a narrow opening. To have the perfect set up, you may have to use tweezers, spatula and a spoon to get things in their perfect place. 

You can also start off with a layer of pebbles on the bottom, and then proceed to have the rocks and other parts. 


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